Monday, 12 January 2015

Film Poster Part 2

This is my short film poster so far.

  • I have justified my image to the right hand side to allow space for information and title as originally I had the image in the centre, taking up most of the page, but there was no space for the title and other information. This is what it looked like at first:

  • I have changed the font of the title again as I am still not sure what font I like best, and what font I think fits the poster more. I am going to keep changing the font throughout the process of making my poster until I find a one I want to keep. I also need to look at fonts with Jayme so we can choose a font together. All fonts are from
  • I have added information to the poster such as the name of the director and the star actor as well as adding reviews from magazines of the short. These should hopefully convince people to watch the film.
  • I have started to create some credits for the film at the bottom. I am busy looking for the right fonts that will make the credits look like credits from professional film posters.

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