Thursday, 19 September 2013

Task 1: School Magazine

Our first task for our A Level Media work was to create a school magazine. This included a front cover, and contents page.

Before starting the task, we went out around the school and took photos that could be used for the magazine. The two main colours I used were blue and yellow as these are the colours used in our school logo. I cut out the main image and enlarged it so it fit the size of the page and took up most of the room as this is a convention of a magazine. The title is the largest text of the cover so it stands out on the page. I included the school’s website and twitter because they are typical conventions of a magazine and allow the reader to find out more information about the school. The headlines are justified to the side as this is again a typical convention of a magazine and give hints of what stories are included in the magazine.
For the contents page I kept the background white so the writing stood out and it was easy to read. I kept the font the same style as the font on my cover to help create a house style but changed it to black instead of yellow or blue so it stood out and was easy to read. To help create a house style for my magazine included the colours blue and yellow again on the contents page. I made a blue banner and included a yellow title inside so it stood out and still kept the house style colours. I also included small photos on my contents page that went with the stories, and gave these a yellow border so they kept in with the house style.