Friday, 31 January 2014

Sidebar Inspiration

After deciding to include a sidebar on my article, I looked at other magazines that used sidebars in their articles and there seemed to be two different types of sidebars.
One option was a sidebar that included extra information about the story, or artist, that wasn't included in the main article.

The other option is including a sidebar that includes more photos of either the band that the article is about, or photos that are linked to the story.
I decided that I would make a sidebar that included more photos of the band because I had extra photos that I had narrowed down to use for my article but, until now, didn't have any room for them. This the sidebar that I've made so far.
I put a pink background on the sidebar as the theme of the article is baby pink and black matching the outfits of the band and matching the house style, pink and orange, of the magazine. I used a white edge around the photos to make them look as if the photos are polaroid photos.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Double-Page Spread Questionnaire

I have made this questionnaire to hand out to people around school along with my double-page spread to allow me to know what my audience like and dislike about my article before I change it. This allows me to make any changes to my article. Results will be posted soon.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Making My Double-Page Spread

For the double-page spread of my magazine I have created a question and answer style interview featuring the girl band ‘Stardust,’ who are the main feature on the magazine cover.

I used Photoshop to edit the photos that are used on my double-page spread but then to create the whole article I have used Adobe InDesign.
This is what I've done so far on the article.
  • I have three pages to allow the text to be spaced out and at a good font that is clear to read.
  • As well as this, the third page allows to put more photos on the article.
  • On the second page, which is blank at the moment, I am going to add a photo of the band that is the full side of the page.
  • Also, I will add details to the end of the article which will tell the reader places they can find the band online including their social media names and website.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Completed Contents Page

This is my finished contents page so far. It includes the changes that I made due to the questionnaire.


  • I added the magazine’s website on the bottom left hand corner of the magazine, and the magazine title on the bottom right next to the page number.
  • Since there was an even about of answers on the question about my title I decided to include the title of the magazine on the contents page, but only have it very small.
  • I included a “SUBSCRIBE” section in the top left, which has the front cover of another issue alongside it.
  • “GET £35 WORTH OF DOWNLOADS FOR FREE,” helps persuade the audience to buy a subscription.
  • Also, I added a QR Code that, when scanned on a smart phone, will take the user straight to the Rhythmix website.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Extra Magazine Cover

This is an extra magazine cover I have made.

It will featured on my Contents page, on the subscribe section. At the top of my contents page I will have a small section that will say 'SUBSCRIBE!' and this magazine cover will be there. This will persuade the audience to buy a subscription to the magazine meaning they will get each new issue. It was one of the features that I was told to add from my questionnaire about my contents page.