Thursday, 24 October 2013

Flat Plans - Double Page Spread

These are the flat plans for my article.

Flat Plans - Contents Page

This is the flat plan for my contents page.

Flat Plans - Front Cover

This is the flat plan for my front cover.

Publishing Companies Part Two - IPC Inspire

IPC Inspire is one of the three divisions from IPC Media.

A quote from the IPC Media website:
‘With more than 60 iconic media brands, IPC creates content for multiple platforms, across print, online, mobile, tablets and events.  As the UK's leading consumer magazine publisher we engage with 26m UK adults - almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men. Our award winning portfolio of websites reaches over 25 million users globally every month.’

The three publishing divisions of IPC Media are: IPC Connect, IPC Inspire and IPC Southbank.

IPC Inspire, has a wealth of leisure brands including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Rugby World and Decanter, as well as lifestyle brands includingNuts, Mousebreaker and NME. IPC Inspire targets the market for men so this will not be a good publisher for my magazine as my target audience is women, and there will not be a high percentage of men that will read the magazine.
However, IPC Connect may be better as it targets the mass market’s women. Though IPC Southbank also targets women, I wouldn’t publish my magazine with IPC Southbank as it targets upmarket women whereas my magazine is targeted towards teenage girls.

Publishing Companies Part One - Bauer

A Quote from the Bauer website:

The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media companies in the world. More than 570 magazines, over 300 digital products, and 50 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the globe. The company’s portfolio also includes printing companies, postal services and services in the fields of distribution, marketing and media sales. The Group’s turnover is stable at more than two billion euros. With a new global positioning strategy, the Bauer Media Group underscores its passion for people and brands. The claim “We think popular“ highlights the Bauer Media Group’s perception of itself as a publisher of popular media and provides inspiration and motivation to its more than 11,000 employees in 16 countries’

‘With the recent addition of the former Emap Consumer Media titles, Bauer is now the largest consumer magazine publishing company in the UK, playing a primary role in the Women’s Weeklies, Women’s Interest, Women’s Lifestyle, TV Listings, Puzzles, Men’s Lifestyle, Music & Film and Specialist magazine markets.’

The Bauer Media Group publishes music magazines such as Q and Kerrang! as well as lifestyle magazines such as Take A Break and That's Life!

Bauer may be a good publisher for my magazine, as it publishes magazine that targets women, as well as  music magazine, which is good as my magazine is a music magazine that targets women. However they don’t publish a pop magazine with a target audience of teenage girls so my magazine is bringing something new to their company and bringing new business in for them.

Reader Profile


This is the reader profile for my magazine.

A reader profile shows the social and economic characteristics of the typical reader of the magazine. It shows what type of things the typical reader likes to do, buy and what they believe is important.
I took inspiration for my reader profile from the reader profile for the magazine, NME.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday, 14 October 2013


This is my questionnaire:

I handed my questionnaire out to 100 people around Newcastle City Centre. I tried to hand it out to people around my target group of females aged 14 – 17 but also handed it out to other people out of my target age. Results will come soon.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Music Magazine Pitch

For our next task we have to create a music magazine. I intend to create a magazine that follows the conventions of current music magazines; to help achieve this I will research covers, content pages and articles of current magazines so I can learn the stereotypical conventions that are used throughout the music magazine industry.

My project will contain a front cover of high quality, a contents page, that is easy for the reader to understand and can navigate the magazine, as well as featuring a main article that will be related to the music industry. To create all of this I will use Adobe Photoshop.

The genre of the magazine I am going to make will be pop. Since my magazine is a pop magazine the target audience will be girls. Though a lot of pop magazines are targets for girls aged between 10-14, I am going to make a pop magazine with a target audience of girls primarily aged between 14 and 17. The secondary audience for my magazine will be girls aged between 11-13