Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Music Magazine Pitch

For our next task we have to create a music magazine. I intend to create a magazine that follows the conventions of current music magazines; to help achieve this I will research covers, content pages and articles of current magazines so I can learn the stereotypical conventions that are used throughout the music magazine industry.

My project will contain a front cover of high quality, a contents page, that is easy for the reader to understand and can navigate the magazine, as well as featuring a main article that will be related to the music industry. To create all of this I will use Adobe Photoshop.

The genre of the magazine I am going to make will be pop. Since my magazine is a pop magazine the target audience will be girls. Though a lot of pop magazines are targets for girls aged between 10-14, I am going to make a pop magazine with a target audience of girls primarily aged between 14 and 17. The secondary audience for my magazine will be girls aged between 11-13

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