Thursday, 24 October 2013

Publishing Companies Part One - Bauer

A Quote from the Bauer website:

The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful media companies in the world. More than 570 magazines, over 300 digital products, and 50 radio and TV stations reach millions of people around the globe. The company’s portfolio also includes printing companies, postal services and services in the fields of distribution, marketing and media sales. The Group’s turnover is stable at more than two billion euros. With a new global positioning strategy, the Bauer Media Group underscores its passion for people and brands. The claim “We think popular“ highlights the Bauer Media Group’s perception of itself as a publisher of popular media and provides inspiration and motivation to its more than 11,000 employees in 16 countries’

‘With the recent addition of the former Emap Consumer Media titles, Bauer is now the largest consumer magazine publishing company in the UK, playing a primary role in the Women’s Weeklies, Women’s Interest, Women’s Lifestyle, TV Listings, Puzzles, Men’s Lifestyle, Music & Film and Specialist magazine markets.’

The Bauer Media Group publishes music magazines such as Q and Kerrang! as well as lifestyle magazines such as Take A Break and That's Life!

Bauer may be a good publisher for my magazine, as it publishes magazine that targets women, as well as  music magazine, which is good as my magazine is a music magazine that targets women. However they don’t publish a pop magazine with a target audience of teenage girls so my magazine is bringing something new to their company and bringing new business in for them.

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