Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review Part 3

This is the next update for my review. I have added in the text; however I still need to rearrange it so the text is wrapped around the red circle at the start. I may also have to had more to my review to fill up the space but I will wait until the text is in the right position to see this as I still want to leave some space for a 'star review.' As well as this I have created a box where my image will be placed when I have taken it.


This week we have refilmed the scenes that we previously that I mentioned in a previous post that we couldn't use. This is shown above. We have improved the brightness and made sure that the camera was focused and clear so the audience can read the text. We made sure to change the time on the phone so it would match any of the shots that we will be using from filming the last time.

As well as this, we decided to film some more long shots of the character, instead of just having lots of close ups of the text messages. Here is one example below:

Friday, 5 December 2014

Review Part 2

Next, I have added the 'Credits and Synopsis' section to the review. This is featured in nearly every Sight & Sound review so it needed to be added. It included everyone involved including the cast and crew and well as a synopsis/plot of the film being reviewed. Though it is still not completed as I need to include the names of the Producer/Editor etc.
Next, I need to add in the review, which I have already started writing and make room for an image which will be added in when it has been taken. I already have an idea of what I want the image to be: the very last moment of the short film when the two characters walk off together.
As well as this, somewhere I want to add a star rating. Though this is not used in Sight & Sound magazine, I still want to include it in my review.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Review Part 1

This is the first draft of my review. I decided I wanted to use the style of Sight & Sound Magazine so that is what I've based my review around. I start off with making the outline. Here, I have focused on getting the right shape, positioning and fonts so it will fit in with the magazine.
Below is an image of a Sight & Sound review so you can see where I have got the ideas from: