Friday, 31 January 2014

Sidebar Inspiration

After deciding to include a sidebar on my article, I looked at other magazines that used sidebars in their articles and there seemed to be two different types of sidebars.
One option was a sidebar that included extra information about the story, or artist, that wasn't included in the main article.

The other option is including a sidebar that includes more photos of either the band that the article is about, or photos that are linked to the story.
I decided that I would make a sidebar that included more photos of the band because I had extra photos that I had narrowed down to use for my article but, until now, didn't have any room for them. This the sidebar that I've made so far.
I put a pink background on the sidebar as the theme of the article is baby pink and black matching the outfits of the band and matching the house style, pink and orange, of the magazine. I used a white edge around the photos to make them look as if the photos are polaroid photos.

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