Tuesday, 12 November 2013

'Poster Perfection' Inspiration

After seeing this ‘We Love Pop’ magazine cover, I decided to make a section on my front cover advertising free posters inside the magazine. I used the same idea as ‘We Love Pop’ with the arrow pointing to the posters as I think it can catch the reader’s eye.
First I used the shape tool in Photoshop to create an arrow, I chose the colour yellow as it stands out from the colours I have used on my cover so far, attracting the reader’s attention.
I then put a yellow square over the arrow to make it wider, and then added ‘POSTER PERFECTION.’ I used the same phrase as I thought it was catchy and fun.

I then added this to my cover, alongside three posters of different artists and bands that I have took and added a pink border around them to fit the house style of the magazine.

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